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Valentina Sergiychuk


Being a mathematician and a programmer analyst, Valentina Sergeychuk practised a profession of the leading specialist at computational centers of scientific-research institutes in Kiev. By the nature of her activity, she was involved in the strategic planning, modeling, projection and creation of information database.
Since 1992 she has been successful in doing insurance business.

Since 2002 she has been a founder and a head of the Center of Business and Management "Transformations" in Kiev, Ukraine. She teaches at the Academy of Business and Management "Transformations", which had been established within the framework of the educational activity of the Business-Center.

Stalling from June 2000she holds conferences and seminars for entrepreneurs of CIS and European Union countries and consults businessmen on different business issues. She successfully conducts a few directions in business. Since 2007 Valentina Sergeychuk has been a Stockholder of a .large-scale company, which deals with promotion of innovation technologies into the world market.

The Business Channels of Ukrainian television invite the President of the Business-Center "Transformations" Valentina Sergeychuk as an expert on business.
The books "A New Vision of Business", "The Way Out of Debts. 7 practical steps", "Mastering over the time", which were written by Valentina Sergeychuk are translated in European languages.
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